MSBA Submissions

Statement of Interest

Preliminary Design Program (PDP)

The purpose of the Preliminary Design Program is to define the programmatic, functional, spatial, and environmental requirements of the educational facility necessary to meet the District’s educational program, and perform the review and investigation required to clearly define the existing building deficiencies. Based upon a review of the District’s educational program, the Designer will identify and prepare in written and graphic form for review, clarification, and agreement regarding the educational goals and programmatic space needs for the subject school. The space needs along with an evaluation of existing conditions and site development requirements will form the basis of the Designer’s recommendation for evaluation of alternatives upon which the most educationally appropriate and cost-effective solution may be recommended.

Preferred Schematic Report (PSR)

The purpose of the Preferred Schematic Report is to summarize the process and conclusions of the Preliminary and Final Evaluation of Alternatives and substantiate and document the District’s selection and recommendation of a preferred solution. The Report should address all concerns and questions raised by the MSBA during its review of the Preliminary Design Program and clearly identify any changes incorporated by the District based on further evaluations and considerations.

Schematic Design

 During Schematic Design, the District and its team collaborate with the MSBA to develop a robust schematic design of sufficient detail to       establish the scope, budget, and schedule upon which to evaluate the basis for a proposed project, secure approval of the Proposed         Project by the Board, receive Department of Elementary and Secondary Education approval of the Proposed Project for delivery of the District’s     special educational program, and obtain local authorization and financial support.


Design Development 

Community Presentations