Raymond Design Associates (RDA) is a full-service architectural and planning firm specializing in K-12 educational design and construction. Principal-in-Charge, Gene Raymond Jr., AIA, MCPPO, LEED AP has been directly involved with close to seventy K-12 school design assignments in over thirty different Massachusetts communities since 1985, ranging from needs assessment, district-wide master planning, and conceptual design studies, to large multi-phase construction projects in occupied school buildings. We have a reputation for excellent design work that is customized to enhance 21st century educational programming, stays within budget, is completed on time, fits in well with its surroundings, and provides our clients with superior energy-efficiency.

RDA has worked on four school projects in nearby Lynn and Swampscott over the past five years with single-project construction costs ranging from $600k in Swampscott to $68m in Lynn. Our track record in working with these two neighboring communities during both the design and construction phases is extremely compelling. We appreciate the potential hurdles involved with the issue of neighborhood schools in Marblehead and understand the multiple development options that need to be vetted. As such, the key drivers for the success of your project will be RDA’s open and transparent Communication, Collaboration, and Community Engagement.

We are excellent listeners and we know that the most viable solutions often arise from community outreach in the forms of visioning sessions, community forums, open houses, social media, and/or cable TV call-in shows. As demonstrated by our recent history on the North Shore, you can be assured that we will be continually available to your staff, community,
and project team throughout the three or four years we’ll be working together.

For more info on RDA, please see their website.

Key RDA Team members


 Gene S Raymond Jr., AIA., LEED AP


Project Manager

 Dr. Joseph da Silva PhD, AIA, REFP

 Program Coordinator

Assistant Project Manager

 John E. Bartecchi

 Quality Control Manager/ Construction Administrator


Assistant Project Manager


 Steven R. Lamothe, RA.,LEED AP

 Architect/Lead Designer

Lead Designer

 Jefferey R. Yost

 Lead Technical Designer/Production Manager


Contract Documents Coordinator


Angela B. Cavanaugh, RA



Architectural Designer